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An Eclectic experience

Interior Design

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Emilie Lhoste
Interior Designer and Founder

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting Louisondor Interiors, I am Emilie and I am here to help you create your dream home and bespoke designs. I aim to design a unique environment that suits your personality and lifestyle with an emphasis on creating a timeless, elegant and comfortable space.

I help English and Italian speaking clients living in France offering in person or distance design services.

I particularly like the word Eclectic because it opens up the world of possibilities, and t also reflects my personal journey travelling around the world discovering new cultures and a wide range of arts. I am interested in many different styles where elegance remains a focal point and I believe that a good design begins by making everything you love coexist with each other.  Mixing and matching styles is always an exciting challenge and we can definitely find the right balance! 

This is why I believe that displaying your favorite things, playing with colors, trying the unexpected, adding travel treasures and mixing up art will make the best of your everyday living.


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