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paysage avec montagnes

I am back to France and

  is my new place

More about me...

To get to know me a little more...

I am Italian and French recently returned to France after an expatriation to UK and USA.

My parents use to say that my love for aesthetics comes from my earliest childhood, always having a curious and observant gaze for absolutely everything. But beyond that, I believe that my passion for art and design comes from our travels and countries in which I have lived with my family, (moves, new homes, installations again and again ...) and where I have discovered different arts and cultures.

This artistic richness has been an infinite source of inspiration which got me started into the fashion Industry.

After owning my company for 10 years and moving abroad I decided to study Interior design to pursue my other passion. Graduated in Interior Design through the Interior Design Institute I am aiming to design your dreams and personalize your Interior space.

What does Louisondor

What does louisondor mean?

It means everything to me, my three

beautiful children created the name


Louison, Oscar and Romeo.

logo canvas fd transp black redessine .png

This is where I started my Interior Design adventure!

Architecte d'intérieur

"To dare is to flourish"

My mission

Home is where your heart is and it is also the place where everyone should feel happy and safe.


  • My mission is to make you feel good,


  • It's to create and design a unique environment that suits your personality and lifestyle with an emphasis on creating a timeless, functional and confortable space.

  • is to provide you an exceptional service with design concept, floor plans, color schemes, concept boards, products selection, styling and more!

  • It is to establish the relationship of trust that allows the project to succeed.

  • It is to apply the design process that will call for the right decisions.

  • it is to reassure  you when  the choices are so many that you can  feel overwhelmed and therefore indecisive.

  • it is to save your time and to make your life easier

The Harmony of your home will be the result of this combination 

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 1.07.39 PM.png

"To dare is to flourish"

My mission

Beautiful is Sustainable

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our environment and as an interior decorator I have the responsability to be careful in choosing the products and materials that will have a good impact on it.

Time will be spent efficiently always having an ethical mindset. 

What I have learned

  • Stay true to your personality and feel free creating the design that will  help you to feel and live better.

  • Create your story and remember that no details are too small.

  • Push your boundaries and embrace your uniqueness.

  • Do not get distracted by the wave of the Deco Offer, to choose well stay focused on 2 or 3 products per category.

Aménagement d'intérieur

Emilie Lhoste

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