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What is Online design?

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E-design is a virtual Interior design approach, entirely made online available whererever you are, there are no geographic constraints. It's an alternative to traditional Interior Design and will save you time adding value to your home. It is perfect for anyone who wants to be part of the design project without being overwhelmed by all the long research and technical tasks involved.

My mission will be to work on the design concept step by step and side by side with you letting you live an unforgettable design experience.

You will be able to choose beetwen 3 different offers

A, B or C,

if none of these suits you, don't hesitate to contact me to talk about it. 


Which package suits you best?

Full room design

Cozy Living Room

When you need a full design with a brand new look and you want to sit and relax


starts at € 550 per room

  • Design Consultation ​Phone call or Zoom


  • Design brief

  • Design Project. / Visual design tools:

 Concept boards, 2 Colour schemes,

 Space planning, 2D Floor plan, 3D Renderings


  • One revision if requested


  • Final design

  • Shopping list 


  • 6 weeks post design support.

Happy and Refresh

Bedroom Interior

If you need a quick refresh to give your room a new vibe or if you want your house to be more appealing for your future  buyers.


starts at € 380 per room

  • Design Consultation ​ Phone call or Zoom

  • Design brief


  • Design Project / Visual design tools:

Space optimisation, 2 Concept boards, 

2 Colour schemes. 

  • Styling advice

  • Products suggestions

  • 4 weeks post design support

In case you only need a specific service you can also choose between "a la carte services"

A la carte Services

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